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Write For Us- Casino and IGaming

If you are seeking for a place where you can show your writing skills, particularly iGaming and casino posts, you have come to the correct place. At Cryptodose, we constantly look for skilled and knowledgeable writers who would like to contribute as guests or writers for us. You are always welcome to write about casino and iGaming and provide us with some original and high-quality content, regardless of what genre you enjoy writing about—iGaming tutorials, news, reviews, or other helpful hints are all welcome.  It’s necessary that articles contribute to raising readers’ knowledge while enlightening and motivating them.

But, Why Should You Write For Us?

Some of the benefits of write for us are as follows:

  • Your article will be read by a large audience on our site who enjoys casinos and iGaming.
  • You are also permitted to include 1-2 links to your website or products for the purpose of search engine optimisation.
  • The content you provide will be shared on all of our social media channels and promoted by us, so you don’t need to worry about that (though it would be great if you did).

Submission Guidelines To Follow For Writing

To write an article and submit it to us, strictly adhere to the submission guidelines listed below:

  • Write a catchy and appealing title, and make sure the blog post is at least 1000 words long.
  • Write engrossing, unique, valuable, and high-quality content that readers will adore and find enjoyable. It ought to be devoid of plagiarism (a manual check will be performed).
  • The article needs to be written in English properly.
  • Please reread the content at least twice before submitting to make sure there are no grammatical, sentence, or spelling mistakes.
  • Send only articles about casinos and iGaming.
  • At the bottom of your article, include a short bio about the author, a headshot, and a website link.
  • The content should be carefully structured into paragraphs with headings and subheadings. 
  • Articles written with the goal of promoting or marketing products or services won’t be taken into consideration. It shouldn’t have a strong promotional purpose.

How To Submit Your Article?

If you have successfully generated an article for Crytpodose, you can send your article to [sales @ medhaavi.net].  

Your work will be received by our team, who will then review it. We will publish it and let you know afterward if it complies with our guidelines and is written in accordance with them.

Looking forward to going over what you’ve written!

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