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Kuvera Review : Wealth Management Online Platform in India

Investing money in something, whether it is stocks, mutual funds, and FDs, has risen in this world since the covid epidemic. Every second person in this globe is investing their money in stocks, mutual funds, and so on.

Every individual is perplexed when it comes to selecting a platform for investment. Groww, ETMONEY, Paytm money, and more platforms are accessible for investing money.

But! Today, we will discuss a platform which is excellent for investing your money in the market. i.e Kuvera. As you are eager to learn more about Kuvera and why it’s such a great platform. So let’s begin to understand.

What exactly is Kuvera?

Kuvera is a trading app and investing platform founded in 2016 by Gaurav Rastogi, a former Morgan Stanley portfolio manager, and Neelabh Sanyal – former vice-president with Axis Capital. Kuvera was launched in October 2017 and is headquartered in Bangalore

Kuvera is a zero brokerage investing platform that allows Indians for free mutual fund investment. It is an all-in-one wealth management platform and is available in both mobile and web platforms with a great user interface (UI).

What Does Kuvera Do?

Kuvera assists an individual to find and invest their money in mutual funds either as a lump sum(entire amount at one go) or a Systematic Investment Plan, popularly known as SIP(fixed amount every month) with no commission.

Why Kuvera?

     1. “Everything Under One Roof”


        ●  Mutual funds

40 houses of funds linked to Kuvera. It’s easy to invest in mutual funds and very simple to find the best mutual fund out of any mutual funds using Kuvera.

     ● Stocks

In Kuvera, it’s a bit different to purchase stocks. Initially, your business account must be connected to other stock brokering platforms such as Zerodha, Upstox, Alice blue, etc.

You can import your portfolio into Kuvera if your stockbroker is not available.

Through Kuvera, you may effortlessly invest in over 1000 US equities. And they have partnered with vested finance to start their investment service in  US stocks.

     ● Digital Gold

Do you want to invest in gold? You can now simply purchase gold on Kuvera. The product comprises 24K 99.9% pure gold that is purchased and held on your behalf.

Purchasing gold on Kuvera is completely safe and liquid. You may sell your gold at any moment and have the proceeds credited immediately to your account.

They have partnered with Augmont, a leading digital gold platform in India to provide Digi gold services.

   ●  Insurance

Kuvera has introduced group health insurance to its site for consumers. Existing customers can now pick from one of three group health insurance packages.

Users can join one of three group health insurance policies in a variety of combinations, ranging from a single adult to a couple with up to two children, and create a family-oriented health plan.

     Remit services

Kuvera has started providing money transfer services. With Kuvera, you can effortlessly send money to your friends and family more quickly at the lowest cost.

They have collaborated with “Wise” to provide this service.


Now Kuvera has started testing crypto services. Soon they launched its crypto services on their site with full access.

Currently, it is in a beta testing version available for limited members.

 2. Set a goal

This is a unique and extremely useful feature of Kuvera that allows you to simply set goals for specific life events like Own Home, Buy Car, children’s education, etc.

This feature allows you to set life goals and assign you to choose mutual fund   investment according to your goal.

3. Family account 

You can manage all of your family members’ portfolios and accounts easily on their behalf with Kuvera.

By switching in between accounts you can access the accounts of your family members.

To use this feature you have to earn coins by referring them to your loved ones.

4. Easy to use and brokerage free

The Kuvera app is simple to use and has an excellent user interface on both web and mobile.

Kuvera is a brokerage-free platform.

They charge you nothing for any transaction whatever it may be stocks, mutual funds, etc.

  5. Import portfolio

Kuvera’s importing function is excellent. If you already have a portfolio of stocks, mutual funds, insurance, and so on, you can quickly integrate it into Kuvera and manage it all in one app.

 6. Other Features

They have some more great features, but you can only access them using Coins earned by referring the app to others. Those features are:

● Trade smart

● Tax harvesting

● Save taxes


● SWP.

Is it safe to use Kuvera?

Absolutely yes. The Kuvera is safe to use. It is registered with SEBI(The Securities and Exchange Board of India), which further adds to its legitimacy. All the information of the user is encrypted on the Kuvera app.


Overall, Kuvera is a great online platform as it provides a great advantage to the consumers such as excellent customer support, better privacy and user data protection options, and no bugs and glitches. Earlier, Kuvera took the charges for mutual fund investment but now it is totally free, which makes Kuvera unique.  Even if you are a beginner, you are easily able to find good funds, invest and do every single thing to invest in mutual funds. 

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