Belleofx Review: It's Regulation, Licensing and User Agreement
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Belleofx Review: It’s Regulation, Licensing and User Agreement

Forex trading is an extensive concept, which needs a lot of research and a reliable and regulated broker to begin operations. Every forex trader have multiple markets and the best trading platform to select and trade to make maximum profits. 

There are many forex traders in the forex market, but you need to choose a regulated broker and to create a trading account and begin with forex trading.

So, let’s have a closer look on Belleofx review before you begin with forex trading.

What is BelleoFX?

BelleoFX deals in over 17 countries having different currencies and CFDs in asset classes and are still growing. They are the best forex broker dealing in a huge variety of CFDs and instruments which helps their clients to maximize their profits.

Belleofx broker primarily runs the two trading platforms- Meta 5 & Meta Trader5 with a massive client base. They usually invest in different and financial instruments such as forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, CFDs and a lot more.

BelleoFX deals in 100% secured entities and servers protect each of their client’s data and enabling smooth and secured transactions.  Belleofx is regulated through the authorities of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines dealing under reliable supervision.

Belleofx’s Regulation and Licensing:

  1. How Does It Work?

BelleoFX is the best forex broker that starts its functions on the Meta5 Platform. They never deal on any commission and external value and keep full transparency in transactions. Each of their client base get 24×7 customer service and help you reap maximum profits without risking their hard-earned money by offering great discounts and trading deals.

With BelleoFX, you can easily open the trading account by giving the necessary personal information and documents to begin with forex trading. As the given documents get validated at BelleoFX, the client can start forex trading under the right guidance of a belleofx broker with a minimum deposit. BelleoFX offer different trading accounts which are as follows:-

  • MICRO-: Micro trading account has 1000 units of base currency Standard and one Standard lot offers 100,000 units of the base currency.
  • Ultra LOW MICRO-: 1 Micro lot comprises 100 units of the base currency.
  • Ultra-Low Standard-: It has 1 Standard lot of 100,000 units of the base currency shares, wherein the trading starts from minimum $10,000.
  1.  How Withdrawal Process Work in BelleoFX?

The withdrawals process work transparently and easily in BelleoFX. They have a quick process and enable the client to withdraw their money easily anytime. Stay rest-assured that your hard-earned money is in the safe hands of trusted Belleofx broker who make sure to trade safely on the basis of the current market scenario, news trends, candlestick patterns and a lot more.

The forex trading with BelleoFX is very easy as you register on their website and then as you provide all the necessary information and documents you get a confirmation from their validation department that your trading account has been validated. After that clients can request for fund withdrawal from the Members section on their website.

Their clients can send a funds withdrawal request by clicking on the “Withdrawal” tab on their website to retain their client’s money in their trading account from BelleoFX.

  1. How Do Deposit And Withdrawal Work in BelleoFX?

BelleoFX has simplified the withdrawal process with high-end technology and offer a huge variety of payment options to their clients for deposit and withdrawal process via different payment methods such as-:

  • Credit Cards
  • Electronic payment system
  • Bank Transfers
  • Wire Transfers

After opening the forex trading account with BelleoFX, clients can easily log in to our website, get an access the “Members” section, choose the payment method and then set it as a preference for future funds deposit and withdrawal to enable easy and smooth transactions.

The minimum deposit required is 5USD in BelleoFX, which can be deposited using any payment method mentioned above across the globe. However, this amount might vary considering your trading account’s validation status.

One of the amazing benefits about forex trading with a belleofx broker is that they charge no additional charges on deposit or withdrawal of money. If you make use of a third-party application to withdraw money then, that you have to pay an additional cost for that.

If the deposit and withdrawal is done through an international bank account then, you have to pay an additional cost (USD 100 to 200 or more), which is imposed by the bank that the client is entitled to pay for trading purpose.

What BelleoFX’s User Agreement Includes?

With Belleofx the user agrees to the following-:

  • Never post users’ confidential information and documents on their website or transfer using their website to others.
  • Never contribute to the provocation of hatred or enmity based on racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, social discrimination, offends to human dignity, contains threatens or insults to other users or other individuals, organizations or social groups, infringes on the rights of minorities, violate the rights of minors causing them harm in any form.
  • Never violate the rights of third parties on the fruit of any intellectual activity and on the means of individualization such as copyright and related rights.
  • It is obtained by every user under a non-disclosure agreement or constitutes a state secret.
  • It comprises personal data of third parties that did not give their permission to the user for any such usage of their personal data.
  • It is not defamatory or obscene and do not have any sort of foul language or derivatives thereof.
  • It pursues commercial objectives.
  • It does not contain software viruses or any other computer code that is aimed at violating functionality of any computer or telecommunication equipments.
  • It is not allowed to be published or distributed this way because of any prohibition or limitation under the federal, state or local law, international law or for any other reason.
  • This user agreement is effective until the date of its revocation by the user himself/herself that must be done through sending a notice in written about the said revocation prepared in any form (via an e-mail account registered by the user online on our website without any prior registration) unless otherwise given by the relevant legislation.

It is recommended for every trader to read belleofx review before choosing them as their trading platform. 

BelleoFX is the most trusted and the best trading platform and have the best forex brokers in the market dealing in over 170 countries with a huge clientele.

Belleofx Review: It’s Regulation, Licensing & User Agreement

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